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VaCAS Technical Reports


This archive contains technical reports prepared by VaCAS faculty and research assistants. Copyright remains with the author(s) -- all rights reserved.



Dynamics & Control of Underwater Gliders I: Steady Motions

Sensor Error Model for a Uniform Linear Array

Nonlinear Estimation with State-Dependent Gaussian Observation Noise

Optimal Control of an Undersea Glider in a Symmetric Pull-up

Control-Oriented Planar Motion Modeling of Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Dynamics & Control of Underwater Gliders II: Motion Planning and Control

Vehicle Dynamics in Currents

Exploration of Under-ice Regions with Ocean Profiling Agents (EUROPA)

Under-actuated Controllability for Spacecraft Rendezvous

Design and Testing of a Pneumatically Propelled Underwater Glider for Shallow Water

User Manual for Bioflyer Database