Virginia Center for Autonomous Systems

VaCAS Facilites: KEAS Lab


The Kentland Experimental Aerial Systems (KEAS) Laboratory includes approximately 2000 sq ft of UAV hangar space and a 300 ft by 70 ft paved airstrip for small (R/C scale) aircraft. It is located at the university's Kentland Farm agricultural research facility. The KEAS Lab was developed with support from the:  

  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

  • Department of Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science

  • College of Engineering

  • Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science

  • Office of the Vice President for Research

  • Virginia Center for Autonomous Systems

The KEAS Lab's primary purpose is to enable research collaborations involving UAVs among university faculty. However, the facility is available to others in the university community who have a research, educational, or outreach related need. If you wish to have access to the site, please read the guidelines specified in the Kentland Airfield Rules and contact Craig Woolsey to obtain access to the KEAS Lab Scholar site.

Brian McCarter